At ENTREGOZOS we are committed to the preservation of the environment, the dignification of artisanal work, and the promotion of social integration. This is why our main social objective is to boost the work of the farmers and “mezcaleros” (Mezcal Artisans) of the Sierra Mixteca of Puebla who provide their effort, experience and dedication to the creation of mezcal.

In compliance with the “Fair Trade” Initiatives promoted by the United Nations, we affirm to:


  • Guarantee a fair price to the artisans
  • Provide our employees with optimal security and hygiene conditions
  • Promote gender equality
  • Protect children´s rights
  • Safeguard ethnic minorities and respect their culture
  • Protect the environment

Social consciousness is one of the main values that guide our daily work. This is why we act with energy and enthusiasm to responsibly and positively influence our community.