“You must be wise to taste mezcal and, even more, to know how to enjoy it”.

You must learn how to savor it. It is sensible to taste mezcal with the desire to discover how it has been created; although, regardless of the passage of time, it remains a divine mystery. More importantly, it is wise to enjoy it. This mezcal is a tribute to the joy of living, but above all, to give joy to others.


We suggest you drink ENTREGOZOS mezcal to commemorate life and celebrate it with your loved ones. Those moments are no doubt the best maridaje.

Preferably, one should drink Mezcal straight.

It can be accompanied with slices of green or orange peron and sprinkled with red salt of chapulín or a bitter chocolate.

Since mezcal has a variety of scents, we recommend you drink it in a short, wide-mouth glass.

Before taking the first sip, deeply inhale the exquisite aromas and appreciate its pearled mark on the glass; these are symbols of its artisanal creation and its quality.

Take a small sip and appreciate it for ten seconds before swallowing it, so you can admire its unique flavours.

Finally, swallow it and appreciate its bouquet.

To pair mezcal we suggest the following dishes: barbecue, lamb, and in general all meats and seafood. You can also enjoy it with the typical dishes of Mexican cuisine such as: mole, chalupas from Puebla, maguey worms and escamoles.

Mezcal is an extraordinary mystical drink when consumed in reasonable quantities.

Mezcal Tasting

“Crystal tone, apparent body and high medium unctuousness, with good brightness and cleanliness, high aromatic intensity, high alcoholic impact, mineral aroma with high herbal background, elegant, with clean nasal retro, with good persistence.”

Dr. Agustín Bertheau Rivero


Salad with mezcal dressing

A collaboration of ENTREGOZOS and Chef Daniel López

Garlic shrimp flamed with mezcal

A collaboration of ENTREGOZOS and Chef Daniel López