ENTREGOZOS is an exquisite young mezcal, made of 100% wild agave from the “Sierra Mixteca” of Puebla, México. It is produced by millenary artisanal processes, ensuring the preservation of the natural flavours and highlighting its freshness and slight smokey finish. The use of wild agave plants means the flavour can change from bottle to bottle, offering an unexpected surprise to your palate.

Entregozos is history, tradition, effort, and commitment. The result: a mezcal that is both enigmatic and outstanding.


ENTREGOZOS is ranked as an extraordinary premium mezcal. Its translucent, pearly body is a reflection of our traditional production process and the superior quality of the agaves from this region. These factors guarantee a unique blend of mezcal in each bottle.

Mezcal generates a feeling of satisfaction; it has the virtue of awakening the spirit and pleasing the soul.

Since its origins, mezcal was considered a unique beverage that, within its mysticism, cherishes memories; moments such as the laughter of endearing friends, the advice of a grandparent after lunch, or a rainy evening cherished by lovers.


Exquisite young mezcal made 100% of Agave.

Produced from wild Agave plants, providing a variation of flavours that makes each bottle unique.

An extraordinary mezcal with a taste that reflects the passion and effort of the artisans who produce it.

Made with an ancestral technique to preserve the mezcal’s natural flavours.

Those who participate in its creation do it with commitment and joy.