ENTREGOZOS is an exquisite and Brand new mezcal 100% made out of agave grown in the Mixtecan mountain ranges in Puebla. Thanks to its millenary and artisanal process, it maintains its natural flavors, genuinely given to it by nature. In this way, it brings its fresh and slightly smoky essence out to the taste buds. Additionally, being an agave grown in the wild, implies a significant change in its flavor. Consequently, it gives a surprising delight to the palate.

Entregozos stands for history, tradition, endeavour and commitment. All this together brings an enigmatic mezcal that excells in its flavor and superb prestige.


ENTREGOZOS is catalogued as an amazing Premium mezcal thanks to its high standards. Its pearly and translucent consistency captures the fine and delicate prepration it undergoes. By virtue of artisanal processes, in addition to great quality ingredients, a unique mezcal is guaranteed in each bottle.

Mezcal generates a feeling of satisfaction,

it has the virtue of awakening the spirit and pleasing the soul.

This is the reason why it was conceived like this, from its origins, as a unique beverage that,
in its mysticism, preserves the laughter of the wonderful friends, the advice of the
grandparents after dinner and the rainy afternoons sought by the lovers.

“ENTREGOZOS” brings about the joy of sharing and celebrating life


Exquisite young mezcal
made out of 100% Agave.
Produced from Agave grown
in the wild which provide
variation of flavors that
enrich its flavour.
An extraordinary mezcal obtained
by the passion and effort of
the artisans who produce it.
The ancestral technique used
in its elaboration allows it to
preserve its natural flavors.
Those who participate in
itselaboration do it with
commitment and joy.