Legend has it that, under the influence of such exquisite beverage, memorable friendships and passionate loves were built.

Witnesses of this were, Don Domingo, the foreman of the hacienda and his wife Doña Toribia, as well as Don Luis, the landlord.

This treasure has remained a secret until now, that we have decided to share it.

This is why EntreGozos is a centenary mezcal of high quality and unparalleled taste. A premium mezcal with designation of origin at Puebla.


Mezcal brings with it the hope of the earth, its patience. 
The ancestral docility that prudently awaits, at the dawn,
for the warmth of the sun that sneaks in, day by day, producing
the ripening of the fruit. Furthermore, the mezcal gives rise to
a feeling of satisfaction, since it possesses the quality of
raising our spirits and caressing our souls.
We need to have erudition to experience its full range of flavours
to truly be able to savour it; It is sensible to taste it with the
hope of discovering how it was created; in spite of the years passing
by, its origin will continue to be a divine mystery. And even more:
it is wise to know how to enjoy it.

This mezcal is a tribute to the joy of living, but above all, it is
about the bliss of bringing joy to others.

That is why, since its origins, it was conceived as a unique beverage
that within its mysticism cherishes memories; moments such as the
laughter of endearing friends, the advice of a grandparent after lunch
or a rainy evening cherished by lovers.


The distillation process has changed little in the Sierra Mixteca Poblana over the centuries, this is the reason for its ancestral value. 

That is why it is said that at the time of drinking mezcal, a sacred drink
is being consumed just as emperors and kings of the pre-Hispanic societies
of the Mixtec and Zapotec empire drank it.

Mezcal culture and the quest to preserve its genuine flavor. Conscious of the
philosophy of ENTREGOZOS, all the people involved in its production (from those
who carefully select agave, to those who offer the product to the consumer),
seek to do their work with joy and
The emblematic Hacienda located in the Old Villa of Carrión in the limits 
of the Mixteca of Puebla was built from the 16th century.
Queen Elizabeth
the Catholic assigned these lands to Diego de Ordaz who was the nephew of
the Conqueror. Generation after generation has passed on the taste for
mezcal produced in the area.
Fascinating stories and legends from the
Hacienda revolve around the families who shared the mezcal to celebrate
unique moments of their lives.


Selection of the agave






Handmade package and label


The accumulation of these experiences and the knowledge about all the virtues that the wild maguey of those lands possesses, was what motivated Don Luis to package and treat the delight of this peculiar drink and is what now motivates us to share it with the world.