Tradition would have it that in an Estate bordering the ancient “Villa de Carrion”, in Puebla, people drank an exquisite handcrafted mezcal. A mezcal made from an exemplary wild agave plant by the indigenous communities of the Sierra Mixteca.

Legend has it that, under the influence of such an exquisite beverage, memorable friendships and passionate loves were built.

Those who witnessed this were Don Domingo, the foreman of the hacienda, his wife Doña Toribia, as well as Don Luis, the landlord.

This treasure has remained a secret until now; we have decided to share it.

This is why EntreGozos is a centenary mezcal of high quality and unparalleled taste. A premium mezcal that originated in Puebla.





“Mezcal brings with it the hope of the earth, its patience. The ancestral docility that prudently awaits, at the dawn, for the warmth of the sun that sneaks in, day by day, producing the ripening of the fruit. Furthermore, the mezcal gives rise to a feeling of satisfaction, since it possesses the quality of raising our spirits and caressing our souls”.

That is why, since its origins, it was conceived as a unique beverage that within its mysticism cherishes memories; moments such as the laughter of endearing friends, the advice of a grandparent after lunch or a rainy evening cherished by lovers.


The distillation process of mezcal has changed just slightly over the course of the centuries in the Sierra Mixteca Poblana. This preserves its ancestral value. When drinking mezcal, it is said that we are consuming a sacred beverage; the same beverage enjoyed by emperors and kings of the prehispanic societies of the Mixteco and Zapoteco Empires.

In ENTREGOZOS, we use a handcrafted production process to defend the traditional culture of mezcal and maintain its genuine taste.

To uphold ENTREGOZOS’S philosophy, everyone involved in its production—from the people who carefully select the agave to the ones that offer it to the consumer—attempt to do their job with joy and selflessness.


The construction of the emblematic Hacienda, located in the “Antigua Villa de Carrión” in the limits of the “Sierra Mixteca” of Puebla, started in the 16th century. Isabel, the Catholic Queen, granted this land to the nephew of the conquistador, Diego de Ordaz.

The pleasure of enjoying the mezcal produced in this area has been inherited from generation to generation. Fascinating stories and legends of the Hacienda hinge around the families that have shared the mezcal to celebrate unique moments in their lives.


Selection of the agave plant






Artisan bottling and labeling


The wealth of those experiences and the knowledge of all the virtues of the wild maguey plant that grows in this land motivated Don Luis to bottle and share the delights of this peculiar drink. This is what encourages us to share it with the world.