At ENTREGOZOS we are committed to preserving the environment, 
dignifying artisan work and promoting a culture of inclusion.

For this reason, our main social focus is to promote the work
carried out by mezcal producers and artisans in the Sierra
Mixteca Poblana, who, in addition to experience, contribute
their effort and dedication to the elaboration of mezcal with
absolute dedication.
In response to the "Fair Trade" initiatives promoted by the United Nations Organization, we seek:

  • Guarantee fair remuneration for artisans.
  • Procure good safety and hygiene conditions for our collaborators.
  • Promote equal opportunities for women.
  • Protect the rights of children.
  • Safeguard ethnic minorities and respect their culture.
  • Preserve the environment, among others.
Social awareness is one of the main values that guide our daily work, which is
why we act with energy and enthusiasm to positively and responsibly
influence our society.